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Here at THORN + ROOTS, we believe in spreading joy one bite at a time—especially if it's many bites at your next event! Our catering service is so good, even your Aunt Karen will put down her complaint notebook and pick up a second plate. Forget about the hassle of cooking; let us bring the fiesta to your siesta, the spice to your nice, and the 'gourmet' to your 'soirée.' Trust us, your guests will be talking about the food long after they forget why they were gathering in the first place!

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Why Order THORN + ROOTS Catering?

Why Order From THORN+ROOTS Catering? Unleash Your Foodie Soul, Baby!


Tired of dull office snacks or the same old birthday cake? Level-up with THORN+ROOTS Catering! Choose from a smorgasbord of make-your-own smoothie bowls, avocado toasts, and nourishing salads. We’ve got vibrant grain bowls, kickin' sides, and bottled drinks that'll rock your taste buds. Whether you're feeding your fam or a soccer team of hangry warriors, we've got you covered. Our ingredients? As local as your neighborhood gossip!


Need delectable eats for your shindig tomorrow or a fortnight from now? Our online ordering is as smooth as our smoothies.


Just give us 24 hours' notice and pick between home delivery or pickup. Ain’t no mountain high enough (as long as you’re within 15 miles).

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What’s the 411?!

1. How Do I Place an Order?

Get your hands on our mind-blowing menu. Got queries? Feel free to inquire about catering here.

2. Need to Tweak an Existing Order?

We get it, plans change like TikTok trends. You've got up until 24 hours before D-day to modify your order. Just email and throw in your order number.

3. What’s the Minimum Order, Folks?

$150, that's it. Let's keep the party popping!

4. When Can I Get My Grub On?

We’re at your service 7 days a week, from the crack of dawn (7:30 am) till the stars come out (8:30 pm). That’s right, in both Saratoga Springs, NY, and Burlington, VT!

5. Pickup or Delivery?

Why not both? Pickup at the closest THORN+ROOTS joint, or have it delivered to your doorstep for a 10% fee. We're investing in humans, not robots, to make sure you get your goodies fresh and on time!

6. What About Last-Minute Orders?

24-hour notice, peeps. Send us an inquiry if you need something last minute! 

7. So, What’s on the Menu?

From grain bowls that'll make you groove, to smoothie bowls that bowl you over, we have it all. Get our full Catering Menu here. Want to know what goes into your food? Shoot an email to

8. Family-Style? Oh, We Got That!

DIY smoothie bowls? Check! Fam-style toasts, salads, and grain bowls? Double-check! Plus, we’ve got juice and smoothie bundles that are basically liquid joy.

9. To Tip or Not to Tip?

No need to ponder; we may apply a 15% service fee on the order. Why? So we can keep investing in the awesome humans who make your THORN+ROOTS experience unforgettably fresh!

Don't let your next event be bland; make it a THORN+ROOTS extravaganza!